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news. >> this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank you for joining us on this thursday morning september 20th, i am pam cook. >> let's check weather and traffic, and we go first to steve paulson because he knows. >> he will with, even though it is technically summer, there are overnight lows and we are losing some of that fog and it is nothing compared to what we had the last couple of mornings. temperatures mainly 60s and 70s, here is sal. good morning, san mateo looks good getting out to the high-rise also the morning commute looks good if you are driving to the peninsular. this is a look at marin county and it is 5:00 let's go back to the desk. happening right now, space shuttle endeavor is on its last leg of the trip, we wanted to
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show you that live just to see what is happening and it is getting ready to take off and land in the desert shortly afternoon after flying over tucson, in honor of congresswoman gabrielle giffords, they are flying over that area specifically for her. >> we know and her husband asked for that and her husband was the last person to command the endeavor on the shuttle flight so it was an honor for her and for him as well, pam. >> yes, and it will head to los angeles and we will be watching it in the bay area because the endeavor is scheduled to fly a low fly over at the golden gate bridge so if you are out get your cameras out because that is supposed to be about 8:30 tomorrow morning and then a path to silicone valley and this is of course ending the 30
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year shuttle program. live again at the air force base in houston texas and they are -- they are getting ready to take off. we will keep watching and we will show you what is happening live. in overnight news back here at home, three women shot in oakland while driving down the street and it happened near mills college. live in hyland hospital with all the latest details, good morning tara. >> we understand the women were brought here, two were shot, one was actually hurt in the face, she received cuts to her face from some flying glass. northbound on seminary avenue near mills college. a bullet hole shattered the two passengers side windows. five end with inside, two were
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african-american three latino. one woman was shot in the chest area and another in the leg. it is believed the shooter is using automatic or semiautomatic weapons. police say they are not cooperating so it is not known if the shooting is gang related and we do not have a description of the suspect's vehicle. reportedly gunshot victims are expected to survive. we will try to get more information frow police and show it to you in the morning. -- get more information to you from police and show it to you in the morning. another boy was hit by gunfire. reportedly shots were fired about 1:00 a.m. this morning. bullet holes can be seen everywhere. now the young boy who was wounded in the chest and stomach, we don't know his condition right now and so far no arrests have been made. we want to take you quickly
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back to houston this morning so we can watch, it is up and up and away the shuttle endeavor is taking off from the airport and again monitoring the progress, it will be flying over arizona and we will tell you about when it will be here in the bay area coming up. in other news this morning, it could take a few months for a martinez gas station to rebuild. in the surveillance video, we were shadowing that chevy sedan, smashing into the oil pump, that was yesterday evening, two cars immediately engulfed in flames but it could have been much worse. flames shot 30 feet into the air but the station manager was able to hit the flow of gas. >> it is supposed to be another four feet towards us basically and you have to -- i have seen
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people back up into him. and it was like a bumper collision. >> i just hear loud car crash noise, major accident. >> i see smoke billowing from what was pump 5 and 6. >> steaks workers say the driver who hit the pump may have stepped on the accelerator and police let him go after determining he was not impaired at the time. we have posted more of that surveillance video. look for the bay area news tab right on that front page. a detainee who may be tied to al qaeda may be tied to an attack in libya. u.s. intelligence sources say, he may have been the leader of the tack in benghazi. he was supposed to be kept in
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libyan custody but was reportedly freed by the good daphne -- cad can he daphne he regime. >> certainly on that particular a taxi would say yes they were killed in the course of a terrorist attack at the embassy. >> hillary rodham clinton will be facing tough questioning on capitol hill and will be testifying about security at embassies overseas. now we are hearing from the ambassador chris stevens. he was killed along with other americans. the special web page family members have set up is coming up and they are trying to keep his memory alive. ktvu channel 2 morning news
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reporter ann rubin is explaining what researchers have learned about our local housing market. good morning, ann. >> reporter: now thanks to lower mortgage rates and higher rent, you may be better off looking to buy than to rent. now the study was conducted by a real estate site which looked at rents and home sales during july and august. now prices at home sales during july and august, it found buying is cheaper than renting in all of the u.s. metro areas and in san jose it amounts to a 31% savings. they assume a mortgage and plan to stay in the home for at least seven years. incidentally if you live in detroit, the advantage to buying is even greater, you would say as much as 70% over
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renting there. ann rubin, ktvu channel 2 morning news. dave? >> he is peeking. i have the east shore first on my lineup and traffic is doing very nicely. this is a look at the east shore freeway, we had a crash which didn't cause a big delay and that's the only thing that is gone over the last two hours. we start watching traffic and we go on the air at 4:30 a.m. it is backed up not in my mind but on your screen. traffic is looking good a long northbound 280 due highway 17 and into the west valley. 5:38 let's go to steve. maybe santa clara valley
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might clip them, but compared to the last couple of days it is solid. but it is rather brisk so attempts below normal and cool lows give way to breezy, sunny conditions and even the coast -- that's right, it looks like the fog will be chewed up enough, some really cool temperatures, below average temperatures, it was sunny, 62 and 63, each day we are getting a tiny bit warmer, 46 napa, 45 san rafael, redwood city holding on and there is some cool readings holding on already. it has been cut in half but it is still helping the lows and we are losing a lot of that cloud deck. 60s and 70s but again, very low 80s, high pressure is here ceasebly strong -- seasonably
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strong and cool systems, this is south, if it drops on the sierra, that is the question that remains and eventually it will get here. a chilly morning gives way to not a bad day, it is sunny, low- to-mid 80s, that is well away from the fog influence. 65 alameda, berkeley 67, martinez 74, mid-70s, los gatos, low 70s on the peninsular, menlo park, 60s on the coast, 60s in san bruno and brisbane. the low drops in late saturday and sunday and it is out of hereby monday. thank you, -- here by monday. mark zuckerberg accuses a classmate of ripping off his ideas.
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also space shuttle endeavor is on its way to california took off from houston just about ten minutes ago, and there we go, there is the live picture of it headed for california. we will be right back. i like to score my designer shoes and handbags early. so i shop at t.j.'s. i get my favorite brands without having to wait for them to go on sale someplace else. done! fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you. t.j.maxx.
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welcome back, time now 5:13, a manhunt is underway for a driver who caused two
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separate chases in oakland. the collisions happened on mcarthur boulevard at richie street. the suspect vehicle ran into a vehicle trapping a woman inside. the suspect hit a van filled with special needs students. nobody in the van seemed to be injured but after the last crash, the suspect and passenger took off running and they are still looking for them. president president barack obama's motorcade was not at fault. he was there escorting president barack obama when a truck hit him. the driver slammed on the breaks but could not avoid the crash. a separate homicide investigation is still underway and charges against the driver are still possible. in election 2012 coverage, they are targeting latino
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voters. allison burns is live in our washington d.c. room, his newest attempt to explain the videotape which doing the campaign. allison? >> reporter: they are participating in a forum with spanish language television station univision. at the university in miami, the first question was about his comments disparaging those who doesn't pay income taxes, instead he cares about everybody. >> well, first of all this is a campaign about the 100% and over the last few years, we have seen greater diversity and in the last campaign you have seen us pull apart. >> president barack obama will speak at the univision forum today and meanwhile democrats say, that mitt romney video is
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destroying his campaign. >> we have a long line of people who are still running from mitt romney as if the olympics are still on. >> mitt romney is still trying to reboot his campaign, and we will look at those in my next update. allison burns, ktvu channel 2 morning news. we will look at mark zuckerberg and the creation of facebook. aaron greenspan accuses mark zuckerberg of ripping off his social network idea. yesterday greenberg released what he called a batch of instant messages sent between him and mark zuckerberg in 2004. mark zuckerberg asked greens span to join him since he was working on a similar website called house system. he is refusing to comment on
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those claims. chris stevens has set up a blog to share memories and condolences. three members of his team was killed in the attack from benghazi. letters and condolences have been pouring in from around the world. they created a tumbler site to share activity. people are already posting personal pictures and massages. one posted by a an 18-year-old -- an 18-year-old libyan said he was sorry they could not do more to keep stevens safe. a girl found dead in a hotel. a memorial is scheduled in
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pressston. pleasant -- pleasanton. a 24-year-old man's body was also in that room. both martin and that man had been shot. they set up to find that missing teen and a spokesperson said that man was her boyfriend. they now have the government's approval to start on the first phase. that clears the way of 65 miles of tracks between fresno and merced. it also releases more than $3 billion to get the job done. potential farmers are still challenging the state and they say they have not completed a complete environmental review. how is it looking out there, sal? good morning, if you are driving on the open freeways, i would say we will be giving you
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a nice report this time. this is around the coliseum and this is a tall building and northbound traffic does look good. it looks good coming in from san leandro all the way from oakland to the mcarthur maze. it looks nice with no major problems and the commute is moving along nicely into san francisco as well. san mateo and dumbarton bridges as people are getting in with no major delays. the twitter nation is there. a salute to evelyn in campbell. we have a different pattern and the overnight lows are cool and just tweeted out a lot of upper 40s, and it is a little cool out there and west sonoma, 40s so i would not be surprised
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if everything was said and done. patchy low clouds so some cool lows and they were stopping some lows and now that we are seeing more lows inland, it is wind protected areas. there is still some breeze but nothing like what we had over the last couple of days. nasa is up towards the district around 41 and 42 so we have some cool readings. san rafael 48, a lot of low 50s even san jose is 51. southwest at 15 so we have a component of a sea breeze in place in the delta. we'll see a few degrees warmer but temperatures are staying below average. it looks like it is going to go north and it does look a tiny bit warmer and after that patchy low cloud deck there is
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a bite to the morning air. novato, venetia crocket, brentwood 79 and haywood 78 degrees, milpitas runs a little warmer, but low 70s mainly on the peninsular and upper 70s on the coast. a little warmer friday, maybe about the same saturday but that low drops in and that will cool us again, dave, pam. overnight, the markets dipped as well. china and shanghai dipped in the lowest after two years. it is after reports that china continues to decline and also reporting disappointing news and that's taking stocks down at this hour. there is a little bit of an
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up side but pulling fresh numbers taking a look at the futures, right now they indicate a lowering across the board. s&p 500, not a huge drop but bank of america is cutting way more jobs than they originally thought so that is very bad news. why an elderly man was arrested right out on the street, what he is accused of doing but will this cell phone video clear his name? in a major award, he could win despite his performing enhancing drugs. 4g lte has the fastest speeds.
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so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
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. welcome back, time now 5:24, melky cabrera has the highest batting average with 346. it probably will not upper fear -- interfere but melky cabrera was eliminated for testing positive for testosterone. check out this cell phone video. he was handcuffing this 80-year- old suspect. police say it does not show what led up to the arrest.
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they say the suspect was unruly including shoving the police officers. >> we have to basically investigate this, evaluate it, take a look at it and come up with a determination of whether or not if there was forced used or if there was excessive force... >> we have not heard from the 80-year-old suspect but he is facing charges including an assault on an officer. >> actually most people get tickets for jay walking. >> i had an $80 particular debt for jay walking. >> i'm sure all of that crime has been taken care of in that town so they can do this. >> let's go -- star cass um -- that traffic is moving a long
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well. traffic is moving all the way down to the bottom of the hill, let's go to steve. it is cool out there, there is upper 30s and 40s and temperatures are about the same, we don't have as much fog, mainly 60s and 70s, pam. >> coming up, space shuttle endeavor is taking off on its last flight. you might be able to spot that here. and for women, it is a trail for women who jog on a popular trail. and a sad story in oakland, an 11-year-old boy was shot inside his own home while sleeping. that story is coming up.
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. good morning, let's check in with steve paulson. i had to turn on the heated seats on the way to work. overnight lows will dip into the 40s or upper 50s, mainly sunny and breezy, here is sal. good morning, we are looking at a nice freeway from
5:31 am
walnut creek to oakland, you can see traffic looks good right through lafayette. also it looks good on the -- traffic looks good on the san mateo bridge. a young boy one of several gunshot victims in oakland. now there were two separate shootings, one happened near the freeway. it happened while he was sleeping in his home. it happened at 1:00 a.m. in the morning. police say the house was littered with bullet holes and he was rushed to the hospital with gunshot wounds to the chest and stomach. we are waiting to hear about his condition. police have not made any arrests on the case but wopping wong is out there on -- claudine wong is out there at the scene and she will bring us the latest details coming up. the other shooting
5:32 am
overnight in oakland, somebody drove up and shot into a car with five women inside. it happened right near mills college. one woman was shot in the chest while another was wounded in the leg. both are at hyland hospital, they are expected to survive. a third victim survived some cuts to her face because of flying glass. several problems of globing, it happened on the palo alto park trail. a woman told police a man grabbed her from behind and tried to pull her down. she managed to get away and tried to call for help. this is the third time a woman reported being grabbed in that same area. >> the fact that this person has that kind of nerve tells he is a little off and thinks he can get away with anything anywhere. >> police believe the same
5:33 am
person may have committed all three attacks. they are describing him as a latino man 40 years old and 5- foot 9 inches tall. also they are looking out for a man offering rides to students at the intermediate school. the man was last seen yesterday afternoon when he offered a ride to a young boy. a similar incident happened two weeks ago. he is described as a college age man driving a pickup with a camper shelf. they are on another leg of its last flight and this is new video from it taking off. endeavor left space kennedy center to its final destination at -- to los angeles. that is after flying over tucson arizona in honor of
5:34 am
former congresswoman congresswoman gabrielle giffords, -- congresswoman gabrielle giffords after he piloted the space shuttle. now in sacramento, early tomorrow morning, then it will do a low fly over and then it will take a path down to silicone valley and the flight marks the final space shuttle program. this shows fewer people support the governor's plan to increase sales taxes by a quarter percent. our field pole shows 51% would vote yes on proposition 30. 36% said no. that is up 8% compared to july. >> that is not comfortably ahead, it's still ahead. there has been no pole that shows, it is below 50.
5:35 am
>> a broader measure would raise taxes for nearly everyone on a sliding scale and a poll on that would say yes, 44% say no and 18% are still undecided. more charges may be filed against the accused gunman in the aurora shooting massacre. they want to add to the 142 charges james holmes is already facing. he is expected to take the stand to determine if prosecutors will have access to his notebook that allegedly details plan for the attack. he is accused of killing 12 people and injuring 58 more during a movie called the dark knight rises in july. a man from walnut creek drowned, his wife was hurt and they were pulled out by a giant
5:36 am
wave in bah-hah california. officials say ted park was found 800 yards from where the wave hit those people. his wife is now recovering from breathing problems. we have an update to a story we first reported on yesterday mornings on 2. news chopper 2 was overhead taking pictures of a homeless camp which caught fire. nobody was hurt but they are asking the city to block access into that area. cal train said they are looking for bids for the construction project which could cost up to 200,000 dollars. san francisco may soon crackdown on people who live in campers or buses parked on city streets. one person wants them to move along or face a fine. here about -- hear about the
5:37 am
ban she is proposing. it may be cheaper to buy than rent. there is a new study that suggests yes. here is more on how much you might save on buying even in silicone valley, ann? >> reporter: according to the study, now is a good time to start buying and stop renting and it was a study done on the month of 4th of july and august. it's now cheaper to buy than to rent in all 100 u.s. metros, including the bay area. it is 31% cheaper to buy in los angeles. it is cheaper compared to rents which have gone up and that's assuming you can get a mortgage rate and that you will own a home for at least seven years. ann rubin, ktvu channel 2
5:38 am
morning news. >> 5:37 is the time right now time to check back in with sal. how is the commute doing, sal? i think if you leave the how now you will have a decent drive to work and chp is doing a great job letting us know what is going on and the list they are giving us show us there is not a lot going on. this is a look at the east shore freeway and the traffic on westbound 80 looks good from vallejo to richmond and out to the east shore freeway. bay bridge, no major problems and traffic continues to look good in san francisco. we have been looking at the dumbarton, santa clara, san jose, 85 off to a decent start here, 101 still looks good but you might want to take advantage of that before it changes. >> well, low pressure has been with us all week long, high
5:39 am
pressure took off towards the east and temperatures even if there is patchy fog, it is just a cool low. especially towards the north bay. only patchy fog, even the coast will get in on the sun today. 60s and 70s, it's not very warm. temperatures are averaging 48 for this time of year. but the city forecasts should be 70 degrees. we are going 64 so we are creeping up 1 degree every day this week. even some upper 30s towards the russian river basin. the coldest temperatures seem to be in the north bay. temperatures are held in check and there is even more sunshine even one or two degrees warmer
5:40 am
on the coast. it is driving systems down, whoppers of systems there is our low, it is driving testimonies down and the question is when will it -- driving systems down and the question is when will it do that. today 60s and 70s for many, very low 80s, 76 walnut creek, alamo, orinda, sunny veil, 72 degrees, low 70s on the peninsular and 60s on the coast. a little warmer inland and with your weekend always in view, it's going to drop, it is just a matter of when but temperatures are cooler on monday. remember, it recently collapsed while fighting a fire, well, we have new details and it's good news.
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they left dozens of people in the air dangling for hours. good morning, walnut creek to oakland, we will tell you more about the morning commute and a look at contra costa. [ woman ] dear chex cereal,
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[ male announcer ] love chex? connect with us on facebook. . good morning, it is cool, low 40s towards the north bay, not as much fog, it looks sunny and breezy. >> well, it is steve, here is a quick look at some of the top stories. a look at a former person from guantanamo bay may have led the attack on chris stevens.
5:44 am
in the meantime there will be briefings about security at overseas embassies. martinez may have prevented a real disaster. a chevy sedan caused a big disaster at a gas station. the station manager hit the emergency switch to cut off the flow of gasoline before anybody was hurt. they determined he was not impaired at the time. we have new details on the other top story this morning. an 11-year-old oakland boy was shot while sleeping in his own bed and he was not the only child inside that house. claudine wong is at that house right now to show us the damage inside, claudine? >> reporter: if you look behind me, you can see some of the 16 bullet holes that really peppered the outside of the
5:45 am
home. it is actually the bedroom where there was a mother, father and two children were sleeping and that's not even where the child was sleeping. lieu this is her -- this is his sister, can you tell me how your brother is doing? >> they say he is okay and he got hit on his lung so they say he is doing okay right now. >> that is good news, you just got that call from the hospital. >> reporter: tell me were you all sleeping? >> well, these were like -- gunshots, we thought they were fireworks, but as soon as we came out, like we see my little brother running around the house like crazy like grabbing his stomach and his chest, and so like one of my uncles grabbed him and he said my stomach hurts really bad i
5:46 am
can't take this, i want to go to the hospital. >> you are -- >> reporter: you are telling me he was hit twice? >> yes. >> reporter: like once on the side and once here? >> yes. >> how many people were sleep something in. >> nine people. >> reporter: including your baby sister and baby brother? >> yes. >> and nobody -- >> reporter: and nobody else was hit because there was a lot of bullet holes. >> actually two of them went through my brother's home. >> reporter: you just showed us exactly where he was when he was shot. >> yes, that is where it got him. >> he was sleeping close to the wall and this one got my brother and this one passed through there. >> reporter: can i talk to your
5:47 am
mom. >> they kept asking him if he was okay and he said my stomach hurts. >> this happened so many times, but not to us. this has happened but not drive by like shooting in the air. >> reporter: we are glad your brother is doing well. >> he was sleeping -- >> reporter: we will keep you updated on any information that becomes available. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. we want to show you some video of a story we found out about last night. they are safe but that's after an unexpected ride. they were hoping to take a ride but the ride malfunctioned leaving them dangling 300 feet into the air and four hours passed before they were brought
5:48 am
to the ground. this is the second time that ride broke down in two weeks. that firefighter is back home this morning. frank ryan was released from regional medical sender. -- center. firefighters visited ryan in shifts while he was in intensive care. they were also trying to help raise money. there approved an overnight ban for street parking. the problem is rvs and other large vehicles are taking up too much space. a city survey shows only 20% of vehicles parked long-term are only registered to people nearby. >> we are seeing this is a much more pervasive issue for parking. >> i used to drive around 20
5:49 am
minutes looking for parking. >> others say it is people who have become homeless and they are living in those vehicles. they will be fined $65 and if approved, that ban would begin later this year. let's see how traffic is moving. sal, what does it look like. >> if you mix up the anchors, you freak people out, that is still pam for now. let's take a look at the commute. traffic looks good as you get up to highway 17, no major problems, if you are driving on the bay bridge, the approach looks nice with traffic looking good on the upper deck of the bay bridge. highway 4 is getting busy as you drive from antioch and from the venetia bridge, it's still in good shape. >> thank you, it is a little
5:50 am
cool and we have mostly clear skies but the support for it, and the heat until valley disappeared. if that low is sitting off the coast, it is some patchy fog but chilly lows, those are the coolest in the north bay. semolina, 60s and 70s for highs and a couple of very low 80s. napa airport 46. low 50s for many and even san jose, it is a cool 51 in red wood city. still a component of a westerly breeze even though it looks to be wayneing but we might bump up a couple of degrees. 60s and 70s and very low 80s, you can see the ridge of high pressure is way up under it.
5:51 am
it is going to ride and the question is when will it drop straight down, but until then, sunny breezy, some patchy low clouds, 60s by the waters edge, mid-70s to a few 80s inland, not too many, 70s, san leandro, union city 68. gilroy, saratoga, santa clara at 73, woodside palo alto, redwood shores, upper 60s and below 60s on the coast. it might be a little warmer but it looks like it moves in for a cool down, pam? it looks like pink of america will be cutting jobs by
5:52 am
years end. it will speed up reduction process and bank of america is so far not commenting on the report. and the number of jobless claims dipped slightly laugh week. people put in for initial unemployment benefits and that's down 3,000 from the day before. they expect it to drop 10,000. they are down for the 4th day in a row and a barrel of crude is dropping slightly less than $21. some of it happened because of increased reserves and they have resumed following shut downs of hurricane isaac. they say it could bring a big jolt, they will tell you what is brewing at starbucks. a possible threat is from
5:53 am
nature... q
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. 5:55 a powerful storm in north america killed five people, this happened in our
5:56 am
way. -- uruguay. ferry service was suspended and ports animals were shut down -- ports and malls were shut down. you may notice tsunami signs. 60 of those signs are being put up and it is telling people go to higher ground incase of an earthquake. it is being put around the county and it's all part of a joint effort from the county to make sure you are prepared incase of an offshore earthquake. this is for coffee brewers or offices. this is for people who make both coffee and express so and it has temperature controls and is self cleaning. it costs between 130 and $700 but the machines go on sale
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next month. s.w.a.t. teams from across the west coast will be in santa clara county for a fierce competition. the swath competition -- s.w.a.t. come petition is -- competition will be beginning but closed to the public because of safety concerns. sal is back and he will get you to where you need to go, sal? this time we will look at a little bit of south bay action and northbound 280 traffic looks good so farraguting up to highway -- good so far getting up to highway 17, and pleasanton is a nice drive as well, let's go to dave and pam. a bay area gas station explodes, we have dramatic cell
5:58 am
phone surveillance video of the entire incident. and temperatures might come up a little bit, we will have forecasted highs coming right up.
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